Our team has worked with IT operations management, EDI and systems development under many years.

IT consulting services

Our professional and experienced team of technology consultants brings a wide variety of knowledge and skills combined with functional and industry experience. We are able to help clients with web, database design, system integration and development solutions.



IT operations management

Our focus is on ensuring that your company’s applications and servers are in top shape and continue to function. We ensure availability, performance and compliance of your business critical information systems so that your company can concentrate on it’s core business.



A company’s performance is put to the highest test when it’s success depends on how reilable and available their  IT infrastructure is. Trying to keep a balance on maximizing IT value on one hand while concentrating on it’s core business can be rather time and resource consuming.


Bitwise offers IT operations services geared to meet performance requirements so that your company can concentrate on what you do best.


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