Bitwise är ett datakonsultföretag med unik kompetens inom server och applikationsdrift. Vi utvecklar också applikationer till logistikmarknaden.

IT operations management

A company’s performance is put to the highest test when it’s success depends on how reilable and available their IT infrastructure is. Trying to keep a balance on maximizing IT value on one hand while concentrating on it’s core business can be rather time and resource consuming.
Bitwise offers IT operations services geared to meet performance requirements so that your company can concentrate on what you do best.
Our core strength is the delivery of IT operations management across applications, servers and networking environments.

Focusing on reducing the chances for incidents, we make sure that servers and applications are operating correctly and that they are in top shape. A Bitwise operations manager is allocated to ensure that rutines are handled correctly and that service level agreements (SLA) are fulfilled.
- Monitoring & supervision
- Ensure service updates and pataches are implemented correctly
- Back ups
- Systems dokumentation
- Identification of root causes on closed incidents
- On-going trend analysis
- Error control and incident managment
- Reporting